British Vogue Online Fashion Week

In 2011, Vogue created the first-ever live streaming fashion week not tied to any specific locale.

The 4-day event, called Vogue Online Fashion Week, included a number of exciting events including interviews with designers such as ¬†Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, a Chanel Beauty exclusive, a Burberry giveaway, Q & A with¬†Catherine Deane, a Stella McCartney sale event, prizes, and even eBay sale auctions.

There were even tips on how to find fashion jobs.

It was an extremely exciting even for the general public, as it’s an event on the vanguard of fashion. It asks the question: Is digital streaming of runway fashion events the true future of fashion?

We hope to see Vogue’s Online Fashion Week back in 2012.

British Vogue Online Fashion Week





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